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Issues with our Briefs of Argued Cases pages have been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response Information

The Supreme Court continues to follow guidance provided by federal, state, and local health authorities to limit the spread of COVID-19. In response to the coronavirus situation, the court has adopted expanded e-filing rules for litigants. Starting in November, the court will return to in-person oral argument with an option for counsel to appear remotely.

E-Filing & Procedures

What You Will Find Here

Cases brought before the Supreme Court are governed by a series of rules and procedures that are updated from time to time. In this section you’ll find FAQs, standing orders and other administrative guidance for attorneys, litigants and other interested stakeholders.


    Review the Court's most recent updates

    The court provides a timely list of the administrative and standing orders of most current interest to attorneys and other stakeholders.


    Review the Court's guidance for electronic filing

    Electronic filing is the filing of an electronic document in lieu of a paper original. 


    Get the answers to frequent questions

    The Court provides a robust FAQ page with guidance on how cases are brought to the court, who gets to argue them, and the logistics of how and when decisions are issued.


    Attorney recruitment for direct appeals

    The California Supreme Court is seeking qualified lawyers to represent indigent persons who have been sentenced to death in their direct appeal to the Supreme Court.

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